Friday, February 10, 2012

mancung = tesorong sorong

1st day. encik mee segera pengsan. dengan nose job yg fresh lagi. aku memang suke dalam condition die stoned camneh. cakap merapu kahkahkahh~

i work in the hospital. and I'm dealing with sick n nazak n annoying ppl everyday. every single day of my blessed life. yeah its a kind of blessing too though.

but bile a person who is very the rapat with us, your beloved family members, your close friends, your loved ones felt sick. and seeing them like this, makes your heart trembling.

get well soon.


  1. is he ok now?.... take a good care of him ye.. hehe... =) Send my regard to him cakap Get Well Soon! hehe

  2. encik mee segera ok. kuat becakap dalam tidor skang. akutttttt